about-us-imageAndrew and I have been cooking and eating together for years. We are passionate about food and really enjoy experimenting with fresh local produce, new foods and kitchen gadgets. Like most people, when we moved out of home we had two recipes and relied on jars of flavour a lot! But we came to realise that making your own sauces, curry pastes and flavours from scratch is dead easy, really rewarding and much healthier for you.

I think Andrew must have been Asian in his previous life, because he has a mad obsession for noodles and anything Asian. I share this, but also have an addiction to mashed potato…which Andrew claims is boring. But I’m sure it has soul healing properties!

Anyway, along with cooking and eating, Andrew and I love socialising and meeting new people. Which was one of the amazing things we experienced on My Kitchen Rules (MKR Season 3). We have met some wonderful people and gained life long friends.

I am also a very keen science communicator (someone who takes complex science and makes it easier for everyone and anyone to understand – a bit like Dr Karl). So my passion also lies with where science and food intersect. This has led me to follow Heston Blumenthal (who I was lucky enough to meet in May 2012 – dream come true!), experiment with food, ask “why” a lot and try out some molecular gastronomy (which isn’t as hard as it sounds!).

Food shouldn’t be intimidating, and neither should science, so my mission is to combine the two and share my passion with as many kids and adults as possible. Food science is a growth industry and is an extremely exciting and fascinating subject and one that everyone can engage in. Plus we all have to eat right!?

If you’re keen to find out why bread rises, or what sort of container you should beat egg whites in, or the best way to cook a steak, or how to eat for your health….then Culinary Science is for you!

You’ll also find plenty of recipes and tips for “normal food” (as Andrew calls it!) here to explore too.

Hope you enjoy sharing my passion with me

Em xx