MINI-COOKBOOK: Eat, Drink, Think… recipes for the evidence based cook


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We’ve got a mini-cookbook out!

Eat, Drink, Think… recipes for the evidence based cook

Eat, Drink, Think is a mini-cookbook that adds an extra ingredient to a selection of easy and impressive recipes…science!Eat, drink, think front cover

Ingredients and food aren’t cheap and these days most of us are time poor. So instead of relying on luck, Grandma’s tips or old wives tales instead try some evidence-based cooking tips and tricks.

Most people who cook don’t realise that they’re actually using a lot of science as they do. This cookbook showcases snippets of science via simple explanations and includes easy tips that’ll improve your cooking and ensure your dishes work every time.

It’ll save you time, money and make you a better cook!

Developed for National Science Week 2014, stocks are limited!

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About the author:

Emma and Andrew were contestants on My Kitchen Rules (MKR) season 3.

The “Engaged Scientists” both work in science and have a passion for food, wine and eating!

Post-MKR Emma and Andrew have created Culinary Science, a company that combines all things food and science.

Emma is also a keen science communicator (someone who takes complex science and makes it easier for everyone and anyone to understand – a bit like Dr Karl). Her passion also lies with where science and food intersect. This has led her to follow Heston Blumenthal (who she was lucky enough to meet in May 2012 – a dream come true!), experiment with food, ask “why” a lot and try out some molecular gastronomy (which isn’t as hard as it sounds!).

Food shouldn’t be intimidating, and neither should science, so Emma’s mission is to combine the two and share her passion with as many kids and adults as possible. Food science is a growth industry and is an extremely exciting and fascinating subject and one that everyone can engage in.

Plus we all have to eat right!?