Sugar Syrup – hot-process method

Sugar syrup is a staple of cocktails and sorbet bases. It’s super easy to make and can be stored in the fridge. 1:1 hot-process simple syrup should last around 1 month, while 2:1 syrup should last 6 months. According to … Continue reading

Braised Lettuce, Bacon and Peas

This recipe started it’s life as a saved link from the amazing Gourmet Traveller magazine. After cooking it and playing around it very slightly, this is my version. It’s quick to prepare and cook and makes a great side dish … Continue reading

Moscato, Lime and Rosewater Sorbet

I first discovered this dessert in Victoria when visiting Carly (one half of Carly and Emily – season 3 MKR). We spent the day out and about and visited the winery they had showcased at their Instant Restaurant during My … Continue reading

Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers have been around since the 1860s. They are a great, time-saving, money-saving, power-saving kitchen gadget. I love mine and use it most nights. Pressure cookers can speed up the time it takes to cook meals. Soup or stew … Continue reading

Gnocchi – make it like a boss!

I love gnocchi. I really love it! But finding good gnocchi is harder than it should be. It’s hit-and-miss in restaurants and buying frozen packs or vacuum packed long life stuff from supermarkets has never worked out for me. Good … Continue reading

Dry Ice – safety and suppliers

While dry ice is great fun to experiment with, safety is very important. Please treat it with the respect it deserves and take note of the instructions and information below. SAFETY Dry ice is very cold (minus 78.5 degrees Celsius). … Continue reading