Bubbles – Spherification Kit


30 minutes of preparation and you can have your own cocktail bubbles to impress friends.

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Keen to try some molecular gastronomy? Want to do something fun for your next dinner party. This is a quick and easy starting point and this small kit means you don’t have to be intimidated by spending too much money or time.

This kit makes two batches of bubbles – enough for around 24 serves.

It will take you 30 minutes to complete (plus freezing time).

This kit contains:

  • Full, step-by-step, clear, straightforward instructions
  • Powders required to make the bubbles (1 x pack of sodium alginate and 1 x pack of calcium lactate)
  • 1 x silicon ice tray

What you will need to provide:

  • filtered water
  • 2 x containers
  • stick blender
  • strainer / sieve
  • slotted spoon (buy here)
  • timer
  • freezer
  • cocktail or mocktail you wish to turn into bubbles (examples outlined in instructions)
  • Chinese soup spoons are suggested for serving

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