about-us-imageWho is Emma Donnelly?

As the daughter of two science teachers, after studying science at University, I stumbled into the world of science communication. After appearing on My Kitchen Rules as one half of “The Engaged Scientists” I now has a business called Culinary Science, which covers food, science and where these two intersect.

I am keen science communicator (someone who takes complex science and makes it easier for everyone and anyone to understand – a bit like Dr Karl). This has led me to follow Heston Blumenthal (who I was lucky enough to meet in May 2012 – dream come true!), experiment with food, ask “why” a lot and try out some molecular gastronomy (which isn’t as hard as it sounds!).

Food shouldn’t be intimidating, and neither should science. This belief is what led the me to launch Culinary Science, in order to demystify the science around food and wine.

Culinary Science has been running since 2012 . During this time I have presented on neurogastronomy, gastrophysics and how to use simple science to improve your home cooking. I have also published a mini-cookbook “Eat, Drink, Think…recipes for the evidence based cook” and am now writing a second cookbook for kids.

and then Champagne….

In 2017 I completed a Diploma from Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne and Le Cordon Bleu (Paris). My research thesis explored on the effect of glass shape on champagne flavour using a specialist sensory technique called Temporal Dominance of Sensation (TDS). This was world first research and garnered interest from major Champagne houses.

Since 2017 I have explored Champagne science further and now present hands-on tasting workshops focusing on science and showcasing a different side to this elegant drink. During my sessions you’ll discover how to store, pour and get the best bubbles from your Champagne every time as well as other interesting evidence-based information about this intriguing and magical drink.

I have been described as a passionate, easy-going, dynamic presenter and one that has the ability to interest and excite others while sharing information in an accessible, credible and interactive way.

If you’re keen to find out why bread rises, or what sort of container you should beat egg whites in, the best way to cook a steak, or how to eat for your health….then Culinary Science is for you!

You’ll also find plenty of recipes and tips for “normal food” here to explore too.

Hope you enjoy sharing my passion with me

Em xx

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