Sherbet (molecular gastronomy)


One of the best things about being a kid is experimenting in the kitchen. By using three common kitchen ingredients you can make your very own sherbet. This recipe is one I have invented, but if you experiment further and … Continue reading

Ingredient – tapioca maltodextrin


Name: N-Zorbit M (tapioca maltodextrin) Colour: white coloured very fine, light dust Flavour: none to slightly sweet flavour E number: no E number What is it? Tapioca maltodextrin is starch extracted from cassava (also known as manioc, yuca and tapioca-root). Where does it come … Continue reading

Chameleon food for kids and the curious (molecular gastronomy)


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FOOD THAT CHANGES COLOUR IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES pH indicators: An indicator is a chemical compound that is added in small amounts (usually to a solution) so that the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the solution being tested can … Continue reading