Finger Limes

I’ve been trying to get my hands on these little suckers for at least 18 months! I’ve finally succeeded, and believe me they were worth the wait!

What’s got me in a tizz you may ask? Finger Limes!

finger limes

source: Pemberton Finger Limes

These dark maroon, finger shaped fruit have a short fruiting season (only 6 weeks per year) and haven’t been easy to locate, until now. Courtesy of Pemberton Finger Lime company they’re now available for purchase.

This family business is in its 4th year of commercial production and you can buy your own limes to try from a small select number of fresh food stores (see bottom of this page for list).

I bought my little pack of three on the weekend after a tasting held at The Boatshed Market.

So, what’s the big deal? Well these little fruit pack a big punch. Instead of the usual texture you expect from citrus fruit, these are a little different. Each lime is chock full of little pale pink beads. These beads are full of juice and when they are bitten into they pop in your mouth releasing this tangy juice. The experience is incredible…and addictive! The little pops of lime with a hint of grapefruit are like eating caviar.

So, eating limes by the spoonful is an odd thing to do (and can be a bit unsettling on the stomach) but when added to a range of dishes these amazing limes add a stunning and unexpected element. I am still experimenting; so far I’ve added the finger limes to Avocado and Orange Salsa which is great with pan fried fish. I’ve also added them to lime mayonnaise which was delicious on the Manjimup marron I cooked on the weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.54.16 pmBasically, if you have a chance to try a finger lime, please do!

Pemberton Finger Limes are a family run WA business, so do your bit for local farmers and Buy West Eat Best. If your unsure how to use the limes, they have a range of recipes and ideas on their website.

Now go forth and experiment!

And please share your discoveries with me…