MonstrositeaTea is something I associate with my family. It was used as a remedy for when we were feeling poorly or fragile. Often served milky and loaded with sugar.

Recently specialty tea has boomed as an industry, and it seems that new Perth based company “Monstrositea” are taking the tea craze to the next level with their subscription-based tea service.

That’s right! For $15 per month you can receive up to five new brews to sample. Sent directly to your door, it sounds like the perfect way to combine a love for tea with your monthly magazine subscription arrival.

While I am not sure I’d personally get through that much tea, I have several friends (and my Dad) who are tea lovers and who I do have trouble buying gifts for. So when the subscriptions become available, I’ll be signing up!

Congratulations to such an interesting idea, hope it works and is well supported! If you’d like to see what’s on offer, visit their cute website at