Product Review – Lime and Black Pepper Macadamias

I have a bad spine. As such I regularly have to visit my physio. On the way, I drive past a great shop called The Angry Almond. This cute little store contains nearly any ingredient, grain, bulk food item or specialty food product you could think of. Being a sucker for food, I often stop in to grab a snack or something new to try. Most of the time I stick to the usual favourites such as liquorice bullets, clinkers or crispy salted chickpeas. Sometimes I pick up something new like chocolate coated cranberries (which I recommend!). Last time I popped past I saw a product I hadn’t even heard of before, Lime and Black Pepper Macadamia nuts.

lime and black pepper macadamias

Now I usually wouldn’t purchase such a food because I’m not the biggest fan of macadamias, I find them a bit too rich, but Andrew absolutely loves them and I was intrigued by the flavour combination as it was one I hadn’t encountered before.

So I bought a small sample (at $39 per kilo I wasn’t going to go overboard). Do I regret the purchase – no I don’t. Not only do I have no regrets, I would like to encourage you to purchase these and try them if you ever see them. They’re really tasty and the flavour of the lime and pepper works really well with the macadamia as it cuts through some of its richness. They’re a unique experience.

Little scientific fact…macadamias are toxic to dogs. If they eat them they may suffer from macadamia toxicosis. So don’t share!