Workshops + presentations

These are the current workshops and presentations available for booking. However, new ones are always under development.

Emma is also able to tailor to your needs, venue and audience. Please make contact for information on fees and availability.

Science – it’s more than a matter of taste

This talk will cover the basics of how we taste and what we experience when we eat, clearing up some basic misconceptions. It’ll touch on simple tips that will help you in the kitchen and finally trick your brain with some food samples while you learn the science behind neurogastronomy. Learn about the tricks of that can make you spend more on wine and food without you even knowing it.

Cooking – it’s basically science

While many people have a family recipe or two that they are connected to, not all common cooking techniques are evidence-based. In this presentation, you’ll explore some easy recipes and the simple science behind them so that you get them right every time!

What is gluten and how does it work?

Gluten is one of the latest foods that has been victimised. Find out the basics of gluten and why it is important to cooking and then get your hands dirty with some simple experiments.

The secrets of sparkling wine and champagne

Champagne is one of those drinks that seems almost magical. In this presentation find out what makes it so special. The best glass to sip it out of and other interesting features of this classic beverage. You’ll get to sip some bubbles and will also find out about other types of sparkling wine.

Champagne science (extended expert workshop)

Champagne is one of life’s true pleasures. It can bring magic and excitement to any moment and is often the drink of choice when it comes to celebrating something special or adding a little luxury to an event. Mystery and secrets lie in its magical bubbles and golden hues. Its movement and sparkle add magic and excitement to any occasion. It is an alluring and extraordinary beverage and an experience that never fails to enchant and excite.

While Champagne is often linked with special moments, imagine if we could make the experience even more amazing by understanding it better. In this session, you’ll sip with science and learn how to store, pour and the science secrets behind great bubbles.

Bubbles science

Bubbles are not only gorgeous to look at, but they’re also crucial feature for a range of food and drink we consume. In this workshop we’ll explore what bubbles are, why they’re important in food and drink and then how they work in a range of drinks such as sparkling wine, beer and soda.

Food science – playing with your food (FOR KIDS)

In this hands-on session you’ll be making and tasting your own science experiments and then we’ll finish off with some dry ice cream! Dry ice is super cold. It’s frozen carbon dioxide and it can be used to make instant ice cream that’s also a little bit fizzy.